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When Meaning Goes Missing

When Meaning Goes Missing

From World War II idioms to Hebraic references in Jesus' sermons, the English language is a colorful and comical array of idiomatic slogans. What's a scuttlebutt and why give them the whole nine yards? A lot can be lost in the translation, including true meaning, when the morals and stories are missing as we hand down sayings in generations. Discover some English & Hebraic roots in common words, phrases, and scriptural thought, and learn from the biblical interpretive methods known to ancient rabbis and apostolic leaders. Without the scope of history, culture, geography, and language, missed meanings can create doctrines that lack the original moral-bearing lesson. History shows that departure from a Hebraic perspective in study can lead down dangerous doctrinal paths. Find out how missed meanings and misunderstanding in Hebrew idioms can change what's conveyed.

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