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For My Daughter's Generation

Why I Do What I Do

When Abbie entered junior high, I fought anxiety. Her childhood years were more natural to me as a children’s minister, even though we certainly had life fling a few things at us. It was a joy to do years of Kids Like You and Children’s ministry with her along, traveling together, talking through storylines for things kids faced, making up silly songs. Our adventures will surface throughout my work. So as she was leaving childhood for the broadening horizon of junior high and school, my comfort zone was evaporating. To your kids, you’re a hero who can scarcely do wrong…. But in the teenage years, you’re a mom with the wrong jeans & shoes! (Seriously).

The first few months of the new era proved interesting. In working on a school project, Abbie asked if our house could host a group of her female classmates to video tape a skit, and since we’d rather be the house where youth gather, I agreed. When the group arrived, one girl squealed with excitement, “Oh my gosh, your mom is the Kids Like You lady! I watched that show all the time!!” Oh thank God. Instead of ‘old mom,’ I seized the distinction of being Ms Cathie aka the Puppet Lady, a title that has yielded only now to “Momma C.” That cross over moment was to repeat itself in many ways over years to come, until the light dawned – I answered a call to my daughter’s generation.

My intention on this site is to reconnect with kids of all ages from all those TV years of Kids Like You, camps, rallies, and even Kids Church in the shopping center if you go back that far… and talk through the still-relevant truths that we were building your life on then, with all the more meaning as you teach them to your kids.

The generations need each other. It is of course scriptural that the elder teach the younger. Well, think of me as a younger elder ~ We keep a listening heart to each other; I am listening to your questions, issues, and ideas. You are hopefully gleaning as you take from some wisdom I’ve gained from the Word of God in many experiences. If it helps you avoid some head banging, I’m thrilled. And I hope some of my pictures will push you out the nest enough to visit – and support – a mission field.

God chose Abraham to bring about a significant covenant because He knew Abraham would teach it to his kids (Gen. 18:19), and the Word is clear that God stayed quite future-thinking, referring to Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. Always forward, always the same and true to His promise.

Lessons we’ve learned and giants we’ve slain are stories we should tell to the next generation (Psalm 48:13b) Let’s share our stories, and grow our families and the Kingdom in the process.

That’s why I published this site, and dedicate it to My Daughter’s Generation.

Love & Prayers,


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